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Day Trading Plumber

Dec 27, 2020

A proprietary firm answers a market need but can also be a scam. Clayton walks us through the mechanics of these entities and what to look for if you're considering working for one.  He also covers Schwab stock slices, colocation, and registering a business for tax purposes.


Investopedia - Proprietary Trading

Dec 20, 2020

After a few good weeks, Clayton is stuck playing defense against his emotions.  He went long EURUSD, short AUDCAD, observes nothing is familiar anymore, is in awe of bitcoin's record setting week, and ponders small business challenges.


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Dec 13, 2020

Clayton had a great week trading while plumbing. He talks about his entrepreneurial struggles, irresponsible content producers, how there's value in honesty, skilled labor, and why we have FIFO.


Weekly Training


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Dec 6, 2020

Clayton hasn't been placing many trades lately as December is turning out to be just like every other December.  He tells us about his plumbing work and putting the same amount of energy into opening trades, an AUDUSD jump last week, Oanda’s announcement, and perspective.  Matt has a beef he needs to share and...

Nov 29, 2020

You have more time than you think.  Clayton discusses managing time as a full time plumber, trader, and father.  He wants us to design a strategy around our current lives, recalls a rookie mistake he made last week with USDJPY, muses about the consequences of removing barriers to entry, and reminds of the one guarantee...