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Day Trading Plumber

Jan 26, 2020

Clayton answer a series of questions culled from the internet machine. He provides insight on speculative trading with fundamental news, his MT4 preference, trailing stops, carry trades, and rediscovering your love for trading. Oh, and another person got scammed.

Jan 19, 2020

Clayton teaches us about different trading styles. He then discusses Knoxville Divergence, the trade deal with China, speculates on Boeing, and makes excuses for his choice of pens.

Jan 12, 2020

Clayton recounts trading this past November and December and getting out of an unsatisfactory run. He then reviews the USDJPY action during the conflict with Iran last week, intraday swap, and careful consumption of content.


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Jan 5, 2020

Clayton teaches us the benefits of practicing patience. He also delves into double tops, pullbacks, and ridiculous pipefitters.