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Day Trading Plumber

Jun 28, 2020

Clayton is a huge fan of TradingView and reminds us that an online presence doesn't mean expert advice will follow.  He reviews his favorite features of TradingView, Amazon sticking it to UPS, and Dog the Trade Hunter.


Clayton's TradingView account


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Jun 21, 2020

Clayton prefers to let the market dictate his strategy. Scalping trades lost him a client this week and he answers a sunglasses etiquette dilemma.


Another binary options trader got caught scamming people


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Jun 14, 2020

Clayton reviews double tops, narratives, transferring a friend's 401k from CAD to USD, and learns about Great Britain.


YouTube Channel


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Jun 7, 2020

Clayton has suggestions for how to handle your gains. He includes how different styles of trading require different amounts of idle money, other investment vehicles, Boeing, and the airline and hospitality sectors.


Markets are forward looking.

YouTube channel.

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