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Day Trading Plumber

Jul 26, 2020

Clayton discusses the XAUUSD twelve day bearish run at the start of the plague.  He continues with the national debt, the recent runs on gold and silver, and why currencies work.  Matt calls out a classic Crown Royal faux pas.


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Jul 19, 2020

Clayton reviews why top down analysis is important to your trading strategy.  He continues with a discussion on switching timeframes, creating a strategy around daily candles, Nickelback, Netflix, and lip synching.


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Jul 12, 2020

Clayton took his own path.  He reviews how work and education have changed, shop class, his attempt at college, and student debt.


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Jul 5, 2020

Clayton talks about the difficulties of finding and staying in the zone to place good trades. He then reviews the USDMXN, a general equities perspective, and BBQ etiquette.


Matt’s employer, Colorado Mechanical Systems, needs plumbing foremen.

Jim Breuer’s stomach is a party.


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