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Day Trading Plumber

Mar 28, 2021

Matt had his best week trading. A ship is lodged in Suez Canal. Shortages in construction are already here.


Ship Stats

Comment from Ever Given owner

EPA Fleet Requirements

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Mar 21, 2021

Matt is down 4% in forex.  He links cannabis to cryptocurrency mining and has a problem with toy company Milton Bradley.


Proof of Stake

GPU Manufacturers

Daylight Saving Time

ESG Investing

Jobs by Industry - BLS

India Wants Crypto Out

Computer Raw Materials


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Mar 15, 2021

Matt is a terrible forex trader.  He speculates about consumer spending this summer and ends up in Rwanda.


Austin Venues Sign Safe and Sound Initiative


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Mar 8, 2021

Matt gave it all back. He discusses NFT and StockTwits.



Meme Stock ETF

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Mar 1, 2021

Matt had a good week trading but still has a lot of problems.


Anton Kreil is awesome.


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