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Day Trading Plumber

Apr 26, 2020

Clayton tells us about scalping and the traps many new traders fall into.  He continues with the psychology of this strategy, following the counter trend, and attracting scammers on his social accounts.


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Apr 19, 2020

Clayton tells us about the evolution of traders and how watching the grass grow requires self-control. He then reviews scaling into profit, moving averages, and long trends.


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Apr 12, 2020

Clayton reviews methods for growing startup capital and reminds us to treat trading as a business · because it is. He wants you to be disciplined, take advantage of the money you·re saving by not going out, and really think about how you will grow your net worth by investing in yourself.


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Apr 5, 2020

Clayton discusses how he trades the critical non-farm payroll report released the first Friday of each month. He then moves to negative oil prices, best practices for trading fundamental news, and teaches us a lesson on TradingView which can be seen on his YouTube channel at the 56:40 mark.

YouTube Episode 32