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Day Trading Plumber

Sep 27, 2020

Clayton took a bath on USDJPY by making a rookie mistake. He wonders why people feel stuck in their jobs, leave the comments they do on TradingView, and rush into risk.


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Clayton appeared on the Stocks and Sandals podcast episode 6.

Stocks and Dads – Robinhood +...

Sep 20, 2020

Clayton reminds us that trading is about making money and not the number of trades you win.  He covers risk to reward management, setting a risk per trade, why he trades USDJPY in both sessions, how COVID affected his mean reversion strategy, and his appearance on the Stocks and Sandals podcast this week.  Matt got...

Sep 13, 2020

Clayton answers a series of questions from Matt again.  He discusses his encouraging progress with his new day trading strategy and that he rescued a dog from the pound this week.


His easy forex strategy you can start using tomorrow!


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Sep 6, 2020

Clayton talks about the importance of a playbook because circumstances change. He then discusses the occasional fade trade, money management, journaling, and the difference between investing and trading.


How Clayton trades his swing strategy for the signal service (skip to 5:46 mark).


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