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Day Trading Plumber

Jun 29, 2021

Matt got smoked twice in two weeks.  He returns from Vegas with observations on how hosts need to change their customer service to keep customers in the sales funnel, why having an opinion without facts isn't cool, and child tax credits.


Microstrategy Sells Junk Bonds for Bitcoin Purchase

Child Tax Credits


Jun 15, 2021

Matt has been holding on to a long position in CHFJPY for a week now.  Blockchain is now rocking center stage, businesses need to reconnect with clients, and we know why housing prices have skyrocketed.


IRS Backlog

Amazon Blockchain Job

What is DeFi?

Billion Crypto Management

Circulor Issues Series A

Blockchain in...

Jun 7, 2021

Matt had a better week trading but got caught not moving his trailing stop. Amazon is hiding their next day delivery promise, people notice the 10% of work that is loud, and China will need baby formula.


Aaron Rodgers is Right


China Baby Law

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