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Day Trading Plumber

Mar 29, 2020

Clayton and Matt had to have their play date via Zoom because the country and county ordered them to stay home.  Clayton discusses US Treasury yields, gold, Bitcoin, factories changing equipment to fight the plague, and volatility in the markets for the CAD, EUR, and USDJPY pair.

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Mar 22, 2020

Clayton has been social distancing for a while. He talks about adjusting to working from home, quantitative easing, USDJPY, lovely Japan, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Clayton made his first guest appearance on Cam Hawkins’ podcast Trading Nut.  Check it out!

The national debt clock for the...

Mar 15, 2020

Did you panic this week? Clayton did not but he did have a close call amid the turmoil. He discusses the economic impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and specifically how it affected the currency and stock exchanges, the cursed EURAUD pair, and how he spots overbuying.


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Mar 8, 2020

Clayton doesn't believe setting a stop loss is the first thing you should do when opening a trade. He also reviews friendships, marriage, tax season, and the impact of the coronavirus on safe haven pairs USDJPY and USDCHF.

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Mar 1, 2020

Clayton sounds out a word.  He then reviews stop hunting, the inevitable budget vs schedule conflict, and tells some plumbing stories.  Later, the impact from the coronavirus on the CHF and JPY safe haven pairs is discussed.

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